No more strips, messy trays or visits to the dentist. BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT SMILE TEETH WHITENING is now offered in our Valley Skin & Laser Clinics, administered by our fully certified technicians.

This product is approved by Health Canada. All our whitening gels are Health Canada approved and made in North America to ensure the smile you have always wanted.

We use cool LED lights which do not cause any heat damage to the teeth or gums. Gums are safely protected with cheek retractors and barriers.

Due to our gentle treatment and after conditioning treatment regime, sensitivity is kept to a minimum if any at all. Our vegan whitening gels contain organic essential oils.


How long will my teeth whitening last?
Depending on oral habits, results can last between 3 to 6 months.


How long will the treatment take? 
In the majority of cases, the average Beautiful Bright Smile treatment time is 60 minutes. Timing varies due to enamel type and staining type!


Will I see instant Results?
Depending on the formula used and oral habits, results are 2-16 shades brighter!

Beautiful Bright White*

  • Teeth Whitening - $179

Teeth Whitening

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